Lunch with a view in Africa

Private safari

Unique biodiversity

Key features of the reserve’s landscape are the diverse tree species. White seringa, leadwood, Kalahari apple-leaf, green corkwood and mopane and many other species attract a variety of birds, insects and other animals. Centuries old baobabs also dot the reserve prompting us to wonder what events they may have witnessed during their vast lives.

In this Part of Africa plains, mountains and bush come together, creating a unique ecosystem with an incredible biodiversity. The reserve is a unique showcase of this biodiversity. It is always a surprise what you can encounter while your drive around in your game drive vehicle or whilst having a relaxing lunch. Expect surprising encounters on a game drive and whilst having a relaxing lunch.

explore as you please

The reserve offers the freedom to explore as you please. Looking for beautiful spots to create a unique lunch or picnic is undeniably part of this freedom, whether you’re in the mood to watch hippos from a clifftop rising above the river or spot birds and grazers on large plains while sitting in the shadow under an acacia tree.

Finding the most perfect spot during your private safari to watch the sun set over the reserve becomes a never-ending quest with each new location surpassing the drama and beauty of the last. Making camp for a sunset dinner is a privilege that is hard to be found elsewhere in Africa‘s most beautiful wildlife reserves.