The private lodges

Private lodges

The reserve’s main camp is beautifully situated under the shade of massive trees overlooking the Limpopo riverbank and its wildlife. The Limpopo River, with a riverbank that stretches over 12 kilometres, symbolizes the circle of life in the reserve. It offers life and fertility to its surrounding, when fully flowing, and it provides just enough for survival in the dryer months.

Next to the private lodges the owners share a naturally designed communal area that offers a swimming pool, bar, dining area and catering facilities.

By being co-owner of the reserve, you can experience the freedom of sharing in the joy and facilities that the reserve has to offer. Beautiful new sites with future planning offer owners the possibility of building their private dream lodge in the vast wilderness of the Tuli Block.

All lodges offer a panoramic view on the riverbank. The joy of waking up to a wonderful chorus of birdsong against the backdrop of the running water, whilst animals share a morning drink, is one that can only be experienced. The riverbank lodges are fully equipped to enjoy a lengthy stay in the reserve, providing the comfort and privacy you‘re looking for and offering all that you need when you‘re sharing the beauty of the reserve with your personal guests.

Future lodges

Our architect captured some of the possibilities for future lodges in various designs that offer a beautiful impression of our reserve and its envisaged future.