Part of Africa game drive

Game Drive

Beautiful game drives

The fully fenced game reserve offers an excellent network of tracks, leading up to a variety of waterholes, picnic spots and viewing hides. Encountering other explorers is a rarity, with only limited tourism being permitted. The reserve’s game drive vehicles are always at your disposal, allowing you to explore the wilderness to your own agenda.

The reserve offers shareholders the freedom of self-guiding and going off the beaten track. After completing bush skills, first aid and 4×4 driving courses, you qualify to take responsibility for yourself and your guests.

Private game reserve

As the reserve is privately owned and you will always have a car at your disposal and you’re free to explore the reserve whenever you want to. The game drive vehicle symbolizes the freedom you experience at the private game reserve, blazing your own trail, stopping whenever you like and returning to your lodge when you want to.