Wild dog pups in the private game reserve

Posted on 18 August 2015 by Sylvia

During a recent stay in July, in the private game reserve in the Tuli Block in Botswana, co-owners from the Netherlands, hoped that they would be lucky to see the wild dog pups.

Hoping to see the wild dog pups

A recent newsletter from the private game reserve had informed us of the birth of 12 wild dog pups, and of course, we couldn’t wait to see them. Other co-owners, present during the time of our stay, already told us about beautiful sightings of the wild dog pups.

IMG_1632 (1024x683)

Together with co-owner friends from South-Africa, we decided to see if we would be able to find the wild dog den.

We did find the den during the first cold morning drive, but no wild dogs to be seen. The dogs were probably all nice and warm in the den, cuddled up against each other.

Disappointed, we decided to go back in the afternoon, to see if we would have more luck.

Unfortunately: only the adult dogs, a pleasure to look at every time we see them, but no pups.


Beautiful, healthy pups!

A couple of days later, our South-Africa friends had gone home already, we returned to the den during our afternoon game drive, parked the game drive vehicle, and waited.

This time we were lucky!

First, one of the female wild dogs showed herself, followed by all the pups. One happy bunch of little, playing, curios pups.

We watched and enjoyed the pups for over half an hour before we decided to leave them alone, and have a nice sundowner.

IMG_1610 (1024x668)

That night, at the warm fire, we were still talking about the beautiful sighting of the wild dog pups, and how great it is, as a co-owner, to be able to plan your game drive the way you prefer.