Dream lodge africa

Waking up in your private lodge

Posted on 15 January 2015 by Part of Africa

It’s 5:30 in the morning; nature’s orchestra has started playing her wake-up tune. You’ve just opened your eyes and you’re trying to find your torch because you’ve heard something outside of your lodge. After you’ve finally found it, you shine through the sliding doors of your lodge; it’s a bushbuck having its morning drink at the river. As you get out of your bed to see the animal better you spot another bushbuck, looking at you from the other side of the river. Wow…

One of the animals looks at you cautiously because it has noticed your movement. You don’t want to disturb their morning ritual, so you grab your towel and head to the outside shower. As you wash the morning sleep of your face you see the bushbucks run away into the bushes. Although it is still a bit chilly, the warm sun shines on your back and the sound of nature is all you hear.

After this relaxing start of the morning you get dressed and go to the outdoor living area. There, a fresh coffee awaits you. Your partner made breakfast while you were showering – it couldn’t get any better! Two monkeys are curiously watching the food from a tree close to the lodge – if you leave anything unattended you can be sure it’ll be gone before you return.

While having you’re breakfast you discuss the day and decide to skip the morning game drive. This is a perfect morning to finish the book you’ve had on the bedside forever. Back at home you could not find the time to start reading while here, at your own reserve, you have all the time of the world. One of the many benefits of having a private lodge in your own Part of Africa…