Owning a Part of Africa

What does owning a Part of Africa mean?

Posted on 28 December 2014 by Part of Africa

In today’s often-hectic world we sometimes need to take a moment for ourselves. Too often we find ourselves drifting into autopilot and loosing touch with the things we really love to do.

Imagine the freedom and the privacy of waking up in your own Part of Africa; experiencing the breathtaking sceneries of your private game reserve; exploring its unique biodiversity and capturing the daily life of predators and prey, while taking part in the conservation of the reserve as a legacy for future generations.  

Waking up in your own reserve
Birds chirping, impalas drinking and monkeys playing – it’s a unique combination of sounds that only a few have the privilege of waking up to. And if you’re really lucky you might even spot a hippo swimming in the Limpopo while you enjoy your morning shower.

The breathtaking sceneries
After your morning ritual it’s up to you to decide what to do next. You can stay at your lodge and enjoy the beautiful sounds and sights while having a coffee and reading a book. Or if you prefer a more scenic view while having your coffee, just get your game drive vehicle, find your own unique spot and enjoy. You could set up at the riverfront and try spotting more animals while they enjoy their morning drink or go further into the reserve and park your 4×4 on one of the plains. After all it’s your Part of Africa.

What about the conservation projects?
But many people want to do more; they want to contribute to the preservation of this unique part of Africa. As many of us know African wildlife is being depleted. In this reserve you can take part in reintroducing endangered species, help local communities by providing jobs and education and contribute directly to the preservation of the vast wilderness of the Tuli Block. We’ve already reintroduced the endangered Wild dog and White Rhino; with future plans to reintroduce more beautiful animals back into the reserve, as we strongly believe that wildlife needs to be conserved for future generations.

Interested in owning your own Part of Africa?
As co-owners of this unique reserve we can answer all your questions and give you more information on owning your own Part of Africa. So whether you want to know more about wildlife preservation projects, discuss the possibilities of owning a part of Africa over a cup of coffee or get more information on the Tuli Block – just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll make sure your questions gets answered within 24 hours.