Game farm for sale in Africa?

Posted on 15 September 2015 by Sylvia

Did you ever search the Internet for game farms for sale in Africa?

In the end deciding not to buy a game farm at all ….. probably because it can be such a hassle, especially when living far away.

Read the reason why co-owners of this unique private game reserve in Botswana decided to invest in this reserve.


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The magic of Africa


Its unbelievable how many people have been bitten by the African bug! So many people, from all over the world, going on safari, and falling in love with the bush: smell, nature, wildlife, beautiful night skies, and the possibility to unwind totally; especially since Wifi is  not always available.

Some of those people, after having been on safari many times, and not wanting to any more share a game drive vehicle with tourists who only want to tick the boxes, and take as many photographs as possible, end up searching the Internet to look into the possibility of owning a game farm in Africa for themselves

There are plenty of game farms for sale. But how do you run a game farm when you do not live in Africa? How do you run your lodge? How do you maintain the land, manage you wildlife, supervise your staff, and what about all the rules and regulations that you have to deal with? As well as making sure that there will never be a land claim on the farm? It is of course doable, but not that easy.


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A unique private game reserve in Botswana


Many of the co-owners of this beautiful game reserve in Botswana dealt with the same questions, and decided that they wanted to enjoy the African bush without having to run a game farm. The reason for them to become a co-owner: a reserve much larger than a game farm, with professional staff running the reserve, whilst contributing to the preservation of wildlife, experiencing the bush in your own way, without tourism, no timeshare, the possibility to build your private lodge, meeting like-minded people from all over the world, leaving a legacy or future generations.


So, why and how become a co-owner of this unique reserve in the Tuli Block in Botswana?


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