Limpopo river

Everyday is new and exciting in my Part of Africa

Posted on 12 February 2015 by Part of Africa

Annemiek, long-time shareholder from the Netherlands and Africa-fanatic for as long as she can remember, owns shares in the private reserve with her brother René. They’re both auditors and live in a very busy central region of the Netherlands. For them an escape from everyday (hectic) life was one of the main reasons to invest in the reserve.

In May of 2007, Annemiek saw an advertisement of the reserve in African Birdlife Magazine, she was hooked immediately. The same month she decided to visit the reserve, and the feeling she got from the advertisement only grew. As she and her brother already owned shares in a reserve near the Kruger, she wanted to consult with her brother on what to do.

Together they visited the reserve again in August of 2007 and, just as his sister, René fell in love with the reserve as well. The decision was then quickly made; they wanted to become co-owners of this unique reserve in Botswana.

Now, eight years later, they still visit the reserve at least twice a year and there isn’t a day that feels the same as the one before, they say. Waking up with a paradise flycatcher knocking it’s head against your bedroom window, having tea at a waterhole while enormous flocks of birds pass by or having dinner with your friends at the central facility – everyday offers something new and exciting.

“The smells, the joyousness and diversity of people, the stunning night skies and the amazing wildlife is what makes this a truly unique part of Africa” – Annemiek