Day at the reserve

A day at the reserve

Posted on 17 February 2015 by Part of Africa

After having had a nice time with other co-owners of the reserve at the central facility we decided to have lunch together, the next day, at one of the beautiful springs.

The following day, around 11.00 o’clock we packed our usual stuff, and some more, because we came with the idea to make omelets. So we packed a gas stove, pan, eggs (always tricky in a game drive vehicle), and a cooler box filled with the ingredients to make a perfect omelet… oh and of course some beverages. Since it’s not possible to reach the spring we wanted to go to by car, we didn’t bring chairs and a table. The cooler box is a perfect replacement table and there were plenty of rocks to sit on.

After an hour drive and a 15-minute walk we reached the spring. A beautiful and pristine area, where you can sit and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature. Huge flat rocks, a natural pool filled with water, rock figs, palm trees, and a lizard monitor who looked disturbed at us as we woke him up. We sat down, ate our lunch and chatted while we enjoyed the amazing scenery.

private game reserve

At a certain moment we heard a crackling sound in the distance and we thought we saw a small tree falling down. One of us was convinced that it was an elephant, because what else could knock over a tree… So some of us decided to go and check it out.

Climbing down the rocks, following the small stream of water, and scanning the area, we spotted the elephant in the distance. He was munching on some leaves, not noticing us at all. The wind was in our favor. We sat down on a fallen tree and watched the elephant for a while.

After about 20 minutes we decided to go back and tell the others. Some stayed because they just wanted to relax, others came with us to see the elephant.

Taking our time and making sure we kept our distance from the elephant we reached the same area. To our surprise, it turned out that it wasn’t just one elephant, but there were four in total. Not bothered by us at all, we watched them for a while, before going back to the rest of the group and driving back to the lodges.

A special afternoon in our Part of Africa.