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Birds of Botswana

The diverse habitats in the reserve contribute to a wonderful bird population. Nearly 400 bird species are to be spotted in the reserve, including the kori bustard, spotted eagle owl, cape vulture, brown snake eagle, lilac breasted roller and the African pygmy kingfisher.

The beautiful southern yellow-billed hornbill is one of the standout birds in the reserve because of its beauty and the numbers in which they are to be found within the reserve.

Spot birds

The importance of good hides cannot be underestimated when it comes to bird spotting. There are several hides spread throughout the reserve and owners are free, within certain constraints, to create their own temporary hides out in the wilderness.

Southern carmine bee eater

Ground hornbill

The very rare and threatened ground hornbill draws bird spotters from all over world. These ungainly looking large birds are threatened by human encroachment, especially by agricultural activities.

In the reserve this carnivorous bird walks around unthreatened and we are proud to have a healthy population.

Bird species in Botswana